In the event of an accident take all the details of the location and the cause of the accident. Where a Third Party is involved, NEVER ADMIT LIABILITY but exchange your particulars and those of your Insurers with the other party involved, note the exact location and immediately report to the police within 48 hours.

  1. In all cases of bodily injury, rep Motor Claim form.pdf (0 downloads) ort to the Police immediately and note to get names and details of as many witnesses as possible.
  2. Do not enter into discussions concerning negligence of either party involved, or take any action to be construed as an admission of liability. Simply do not admit liability.
  3. Remove the vehicle to a place of safety and if vehicle is extensively damaged have it towed to a garage where the Insurers Assessor can assess it.
  4. Notify us of the accident as quickly as possible.
  5. Complete a Claim Form and Send it to us together with a copy of the driver’s licence and a police abstract report. Your broker will advise on the excess amount applicable.
  6. Submit to us an estimate of the cost of repairs (Comprehensive Policies Only). DO NOT authorise repairs without the prior consent of the Insurers.
  7. Advise us of the Third Party Claims and forward to us any correspondence received from the Third Party, unacknowledged.
  8. In the event of theft of a motor vehicle you will be required to submit the original logbook of the subject vehicle, Copy of certificate of incorporation, vehicle service records and Copy of Insured’s PIN certificate.